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Becoming Self-Aware & “Other” Wise

Relationships often show many symptoms before breaking out into something really uncomfortable, nasty or hard to recover from.  Dr. Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor, offers you some “must have” prescriptions you may never have considered for creating the engaging, satisfying and long-term relationship you want, with the one you love, the one you’re looking for, or the one you’re working with.

Everyone wants emotional intimacy. Most don’t know how to create it. Many are afraid of it. You need to know the secrets.   Get insights you need to have the emotional intimacy you want.


Rules of Engagement for Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are minefields. You are fearful of stepping in the wrong place and creating an explosion that could be potentially damaging.

The most secure path is to walk in the footsteps of experts and arrive safely. The insights Dr. Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor, shares will equip you with a detailed map, practical skills, and essential provisions to navigate and manage the minefields of conflict and communication you may have before you. She’ll also give you special strategies for working and living with those you perceive as “difficult”. Learn the essential rules & skills for creating the best outcomes possible in tense moments and difficult relationships.


Getting Beyond the Relationship Games

Once you know the game, you can learn the rules.  Getting beyond games in relationships takes clarity, authentic self-expression, reflection and good insights. In this session, Dr. Shaler will help you create the clarity you need to have the relationships you want–mutually respectful, mature and peaceful.


How to Escape the Drama of Friction & Frenzy

Life would be so much easier without those other people, right? We live in a fast-paced, demanding world. Knowing how reduce the friction and frenzy is imperative. Be wise. Learn the skills and strategies that allow you to feel confident in your communication, boundary-setting, and conflict and anger management. It is empowering–and it works everywhere, at home, work, family and community.

Difficult people–annoying, irrational, picky, sneaky, back-biting, politically-motivated, credit-grabbing, small-minded people–are not difficult to identify. Two things are essential: learn how to respond to them positively, and lean how NOT to be one of them!  Conflicts and confrontations are healthy, necessary parts of life, love and relationships. Don’t sidestep them. Get these valuable skills working for you and become part of the solution!


Speaking Up without Putting Down

Sometimes our minds go blank when faced with accusations, threats and passive-aggressive folks. This session will give you the insights you need to get the results you want when you’re faced with someone who is dead set on being dead right and running over you in the process.

Click to Download Dr. Shaler’s Current Keynote Topics

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The Relationship Help Doctor™ - Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Call now: 760.593.4604

Send an email: RS@ForRelationshipHelp.com

Clients say that Rhoberta Shaler, PhD,  is “a gentle, effective and enthusiastic speaker, who is down-to-earth while knowledgeable, practical, energetic, motivating …and humorous.” If that is what you want for you next conference, meeting or training, you can be assured that’s what Rhoberta will deliver…AND customize it for your audience.

Her light-hearted approach and value-packed content help audiences quickly grasp valuable insights, skills & strategies that make a difference immediately in life, at work, in relationships & in creating the results they want.

A No-nonsense, Down-to-earth, Content-rich, Motivating Speaker for your next event!

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Dr. Shaler in Bangkok“She was a huge hit! Everyone was truly captivated by her and the topic…Her topic was relative to our needs and Rhoberta was delightful. She brought excitement and a level of involvement between she and the audience which was perfect for our first kick-off meeting of the year. You can’t go wrong selecting her as your keynote speaker for any event!” – Laurie Lewis, President, IAAP, Palomar Chapter

“…an enthusiastic & energetic motivational speaker who really related to the audience.provided a great deal of useful information in a down to earth and humorous manner.”

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