Readers Rave…

I really love your book. Inspiring information on the left hand page, and action planning on the right is very wonderful. It really makes me want to do these things!
Mimi Donaldson,
Author, Negotiating for Dummies

A great book to start or end your day with. Positive thoughts to trigger your subconscious programming for success.
Randy Gage

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom so freely – my daughter emailed a passage to me called “Whose Path Are You On?” and it was like a ray of sunshine when I read it. I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will be there … and today it was you! Thank you…..
Colleen Riley

Since I started suscribing to you newsletters, my life has been truly enriched. I believe I now relate better with my work mates. Your newsletters are a great source of inspiration to me. I live in ghana and work in a bank, a mother of 2 toddlers. I’m trully thankful for your life and all the positive impact it’s had on people like me who’ve never met you.
Ruth Quayson

I really appreciate the piece “Do You Have a Rhinoceros in Your Living Room,” and wanted to write to thank you for featuring it.

I am a director of human resources and constantly have to help people resolve conflict. This piece came along when I really could use it to help get some folks through an issue.

Thank you!!
Lisa Haffner


I definitely read every article. The whole E-zine is too good to miss a drop! 🙂
Deb Irish
Founding Associate
Zig Ziglar Network

Rhoberta: I look forward to each and every one of your “cyberspace” transmissions. Your articles are very informing and most definitely a wake up call for many people. Thank you for the wonderful “uplifting” articles you write.

Thank you again and please continue sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. You are helping many people…perhaps more than you know.

God Bless!
Jay Paterson
Las Vegas, Nevada


OH, I JUST LOVE GETTING YOUR EZINE!!! It really has helped me alot over the last …how long has it been, 2 years? Well, long enough for me to start noticing what a positive effect you’ve had on me!
Helen B., Nova Scotia -CANADA

This came at the perfect time. Thank you for the inspiration and strength.

Your inspiration and motivation are forever appreciated. I can now give to others the way you have given to me. Thanks again.

I LIVE for your message! Thank you for being there.

Thank you for doing this. It is great stuff for me and very good to continue to hear it. I appreciate being on the list. You are doing great work.

I’ve checked out all your sites and since I am a regular reader of them I am always impressed! You have many great hints and pieces of advice for everyone. As an educator who deals with both students AND the business community, you articles are most helpful.
Frank Grabusky, School-to-Work Co-ordinator,
Central York School District, York, PA

I just wanted to thank you for the Life Lined Up and Optimize e-zines which I subscribe to. I truly find them to be a great source of inspiration and encouragement. I have been a positive thinker (as opposed to a positive do-er!) for 50 years. Since reading your e-mails, I feel as if a giant bear which has been hibernating within me, is beginning to stir-and I’m excited at the prospect of my own potential! .Well done and keep up the excellent work.

I enjoy your positive messages- you do such a splendid job!

I want to take a few moments to let you know how much I enjoy your daily inspiration. Your thoughts have definitely kept my attitude positive and have challenged me to reach deeper within myself and also to reach further beyond my grasp.

May I take this opportunity to tell you, your advice has had a great impact on my life and I am now living a healthier and happier life thanks to your newsletter.

I would like to continue receiving your e-zine. I need it! You are the greatest. I hope to meet you someday. You have truly inspired me. Thank you. Thank you very much.

I read all of your messages, because they are vitamins of the mind for me. As you are aware, in order to change a habit, or except a new idea, you must feed that information into your mind continuously, until your old ideas leave, and you accept the new ideas. The other key is to get different perspectives on the same ideas, and that is why I enjoy your work so much.

I’m getting mine! and I love them! Thanks for these wonderful “picking-me-up” messages!! They are awesome.

Thank you so much for today’s email on Calmness. it perfectly describes what I have been trying to achieve for some time now. I look forward to receiving each of your Optimizer’s as they apply so much to my life, more often than not, the topic that you address and explore is exactly what I have been struggling with. Perhaps a little bit of synchronicity. You provide a wonderful service and I have benefited so much. The short but extremely well-written read provides me with food for thought for the rest of the day. I appreciate your integrity and caring for your fellow human beings like myself.

Your articles are short, down-to-earth, and basic common sense stuff. Their logic is also sound. I have subscribed to ezine, but was surprised to find that seems to come into my inbox on a daily basis. Ho on earth do you keep this up?

What a great perspective!

Thank you, Rhoberta, for the wonderful messages, they always make me think and ponder life in different eyes.

I wanted to tell you that you are helping a friend with her life decisions through your presentation on managing anger and difficult people. I was speaking with her on Friday and she kept saying, “Ya, that is what Rhoberta said” and “Rhoberta said almost the same thing”. Have a great week. I just thought you would like to know you are making a difference.

A very nice newsletter today from you. You are doing a good job. If you still love doing it, there is no effort then. I find it funny how effortless love makes everything we do. Glad to see you still in there pushing the good word.

I thoroughly enjoyed your “Optimizers” and look forward to them each day. Thank you for your uplifting service.