Participants Rave…

“Rhoberta, your presentation was AWESOME. What a powerful message for women, and is so professionally done. I especially liked how you connected with the audience and because of that they totally tuned in to what you had to say. You provided me and the rest of the attendee’s with such wonderful tools that we could immediately take away and put into place.

“Your energy, enthusiasm and presentation style are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing, your message is powerful and needs to be heard all over the world!”
Robbie Motter
President, Contacts Unlimited
& NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) Western
Regional Coordinator
(about Dr. Shaler’s Optimize Life Now! Keynote)


“Living Richly is the course where the rubber hits the road – the one where you put your life energy where your mouth is. It’s the course for you – if you are willing to do more (much more) than wish and dream to realize your highest potential.”
Mary Marshall
Marketing Planner/Strategist

“Excellent for the self-esteem. Highly recommend this workshop. Please offer this in the workplace. A great celebration for women!!”
Participant, YellowPoint , BC (about OptimalU)

“Living Richly was revitalizing and beautifully presented. Rhoberta is delightful, well-informed, right to the point, challenging and fun. This program is well worth your time and commitment.
Betty Bulen, R.N.
Founder, The Elizabeth Hospice
San Diego, CA

“I found Rhoberta sparkling, inspiring, soothing, and very practical! I made myself a Quik Reference of her tips and started using them immediately. Her message was uplifting and delivered with grace and a contagious calm. I highly recommend this expert speaker and masterful practitioner.”
D.K. McGuire, Instructional & Quik Reference Designer

“You were an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who really related to your audience and you provided a great deal of useful information in a down to earth and humorous manner.”

“Excellent, clear, meaningful presentation that I personally grew from.”

“Informative from beginning to end. First class!”

“We also took an internal tour of our integrity. This led us to strategies for increasing our authenticity. She was engaging, humorous and enlightening (which was extremely important since we started at 7:30 AM.”

“Dynamic, yet peaceful. [She] really means what she says…being in alignment with herself and the group. Fantastic.”

“Coming from the heart with honesty.”

“Thank you for your positive, challenging & humorous presentation.”

“The teleclass yesterday on Creating Healthy Balance was wonderful. You really helped me clarify and pinpoint some issues that I had only had a vague grasp of prior to the class. I didn’t just learn new information but really came away with an action plan. I really feel like I have had a breakthrough and the whole issue of balance is beginning to gel. You introduced me to a rather simple perspective on balance, however, I know that making these changes won’t be easy but the changes seem a little more manageable now. This class was especially powerful after last week’s teleclass on Uncovering Intention. I just need to make sure that my attention stays on my intention to create healthy balance in my life. I’m so grateful for your generosity in offering these free teleclasses.” – Denise

“This is a very powerful workshop. I recommend this to everyone no matter what stage of life they are in. This information will stay with me forever.”
B. Jones, Integrated Claims Management
Lacey, WA (about OptimalU)