What colleagues say about Rhoberta…

“I interviewed Dr. Rhoberta Shaler on The Inside Success Show and loved every minute of it. Her excitement for helping people to optimize their lives, be truly successful, and live richly is very catching. Our listeners loved her warm and captivating style. I highly recommend her for any show.”
Randy Gilbert, Author of Success Bound
Co-host of ‘The Inside Success Show’ on internet radio.

“Rhoberta Shaler has a wonderful, engaging and warm way about her that draws you in and makes you feel great!”
Shawna Schuh
People Performance Expert – www.BusinessGraces.com

“I heard a dynamic speaker tonight, Rhoberta Shaler, and she would be AWESOME for your upcoming Convention. Her presentation is perfect for women [and men] and they love what she has to say. Her presentation is very professional and offers tools that the people can immediately use. Her style makes everyone feel so comfortable and one is able to totally connect with her and what she has to say is powerful. Take a look at what she has to offer your wonderful conference, she is truly a dynamic presenter who your audiences will LOVE.”
Robbie Motter
Regional Manager,
National Association of Female Executives
Founder, For You Network

“Rhoberta has a very ingratiating speaking style that lets the audience like her immediately. She is a fine storyteller, and I found myself drawn into her presentation right from the start.”
Jeff Rubin, Editor/Owner Put It In Writing Newsletter Publishers – www.put-it-in-writing.com

“Rhoberta has an exceptional ability to engage the audience, convey very helpful information and inspire them as well. If you need consulting, coaching or a keynote, I recommend Dr. Shaler with enthusiasm.”
Corbin Ball, CMP
Speaker · Author · Columnist · Consultant – www.corbinball.com

“Rhoberta wowed me over with her warmth and wonderful story telling techniques during her presentation. She had the audience on the end of their seats and touched all our hearts at the same time.”
Debbie Allen, International professional speaker
Author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters – www.DebbieAllen.com

“Rhoberta, your ability to use such a wonderful metaphor for sharing a message that touches us all is incredible. You’re stories reminded me of my stories and in doing so helped me re-connect to the people and experiences that have helped me grow. Thank you.”
Shirley Garrett, speaker and co-founder of Forever Families, Inc.® – www.shirleygarrett.com

“Rhoberta’s one of the most refreshing speakers I know. Totally original, she’s a master at presenting high-content material in a fun, easy-to-understand manner!”
Bill Stainton
Ovation Consulting Group, Inc. – www.OvationConsulting.com