Clients Rave…

Dr. Shaler’s humor combined with her gentle presence and powerful message make her presentations a “must attend”. If you are looking to optimize you company profits and increase effective communication, then make sure you hear Rhoberta.
Ken Foster, CEO


“On your website you say, ‘Using gentle, powerful words and examples, Rhoberta teaches how to remove patterns and limitations that sabotage success.’ That perfectly describes what you did for me in the sessions we had together. I felt safe talking to you. Because of your kind, gentle way I could more easily hear the things you were saying to me and therefore take it in. Lots of times you told me things I already know but you said them in ways and illustrated with examples that helped me see them a little differently or motivated me to try something different. Your accepting, non-judgmental, kind and gentle way of talking with me helped me to feel better about myself and to motivate me to actually follow through with the strategies we talked about (which of course worked). Thank you.
Antonia Martin
Excellence Mortgage


“My coaching sessions with Rhoberta gave me focus and direction at a crossroads in my personal and professional life. I am in the business of helping others build their business, so working with Rhoberta and getting her input was refreshing and much needed.”
Joanne S. Black


“On behalf of the Washington Society of Association Executives… thank you so much for your wonderful program on “Get Life Lined Up!”. We had a GREAT response to your presentation… what a wealth of great ideas you provided us. We all came away with new energy and excitement about alighing the various aspects of our busy lives.”
Donna Cameron, Executive Director
WSAE, Edmonds WA


“Your quiet enthusiasm and ideas on team building, feeling good about being accountable, and the process of maintaining control really set the stage for an energetic goal setting session.”
Philip E. Hillstrom, CLU
State Farm Insurance, Shoreline, WA


“[Rhoberta Shaler] has a wealth of information and experience, and presents information with regard for the listener and interjects enough humor to keep all attentive. She is a pleasure to work with, conscientious and professional. She led our board members in an interactive program designed to foster board unity and develop positive relationships among members. The result was that board members clarified their commitments to their work for our organization and released tension and hard edged positions. This experiential program was enlightening for each member individually, and we learned a great deal about each other. I sincerely recommend her.”
Bev Abbey, President
BC Association of Clinical Counsellors


“Rhoberta engaged everyone while not being overbearing or threatening; she brought in humor, trust and creativity in a skillful manner. I highly recommend Rhoberta to any organization which is seeking to enhance it’s staff/members and thereby ensure better working relations.”
Sam T. Reimer, PhD, RCC
Restoration Counselling Services


“I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching with Rhoberta. Her calm and very centered manner is very helpful in determining areas in my business I need to focus more attention and improve. I have had preliminary coaching sessions with other coaches but Rhoberta’s style of focusing on improving the bottom line is absolutely the best”!
Fashionably yours,
Michelle Dunston
Independent Fashion Coordinator
Weekenders, USA


“[She] is well-organized, knowledgeable & she has the ability to make individuals relax and question themselves.”


“Wow! What a wonderful way to end a convention! You held the entire audience in the palm of your hand. Your suggested skills for building high-performance and collaborative teams was hitting home and they were taking notes…even at lunch! I couldn’t have picked a more motivational, dynamic and humorous speaker. I’d recommend you in a heartbeat! Thanks for making me look so good!”
Vicki Patterson, Executive Director
Idaho Land Title Association


“Thank you for the great coaching sessions! I cannot believe the change and impact you have made on my life in just TWO sessions! Your ideas and suggestions allowed me to open my eyes to my life today and focus on what is important in life. Thank you for all that you do to help people optimize their lives! THANK YOU!”
Nicole N. Middendorf, Retirement Planning Specialist,
Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley


“[Rhoberta] lead us to strategies for increasing our authenticity. She was engaging, humorous and enlightening (which was extremely important since we started at 7:30 AM)”
Gary M. Ernst
Leadership Development NW, Seattle


“I wanted to write this note to say how much Rhoberta Shaler helped me with her coaching. Several points were discussed and some issues were brought to my attention that other coaches were afraid to address. She has helped me to be a better listener (no small task) and this in turn has helped my sales. My selling style was also addressed and she helped me realize I was being overly aggressive and not listening enough to my potential clients’ needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Shaler to assist you with any conflict or problems that might arise in your personal or business life.”
Arthur Fessenden
President, The Art of Cruising
St. Simon’s Island, Georgia


“The quote that sticks in my mind is “Are you doing more bailing than sailing?” It has motivated me to deeply examine where I am and where I want to be.”
Program Director
Washington Executive Women International


“The transfer of positive energy was easily picked up by most of the participants.”


“Thank you again for speaking to our group. Your approach was refreshing and fun, and we could all relate to the topic of ‘Getting Your Life Lined Up!'”
Lynda Blake
Executive Women International


“Very serious business handled with humor and sensitivity. Bravo!”


“You were an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who really related to your audience, and you provided a great deal of useful information in a humorous and down to earth manner. I would definitely recommend you to other groups or ASWA chapters.”
Karen Doane, Program Chair
American Society of Women Accountants


“Rhoberta Shaler has a gift for saying just the right thing to produce major “a-ha’s” and revelations! Her insights and suggestions have helped me integrate my business and life in a way that has left me feeling clear, focused, and energized. It has been a privilege to work with her.”
Cathy Angell
Speaker, Photographer, Author


“Outstanding! Just what I was looking for, a deeper clarification of what I’m trying to do. Have created posters out of what we talked about and they will shortly be where I can see them when I first wake up and as I go through the day.”
Anne Wayman, Author, Powerfully Recovered


“I can’t tell others enough to seize this golden opportunity. Run don’t walk! What a gift. To talk to someone who is a total stranger and get insight on your goals and long term business plans is invaluable. What you get is a totally unbiased and focused opinion and help in determining the important points. Rhoberta helped me just do it. While I have had a good plan for a while I might have deviated from the straight path just a bit so this coaching opportunity helped me realign my goals and get them back on the rails. Well worth the calls.”
Caren Weinstein
Registered Graphic Designer/Owner Vintage Desinging Co. since 1987