Success Solutions for Communication, Conflict & Collaboration at home & at work!

Getting the relationship help you need to improve, move or smooth your life with others at home and work is wise. 

I’m Dr. Rhoberta Shaler,  I’ll work with you to make it easier to talk about difficult things  and solve difficult situations. 

  • Need  to clarify your thinking about a relationship at home or work?
  • Uncertain how to manage a difficult situation, or  a difficult person?
  • Have a team that does not play nicely or fairly together?
  • Divorced a high-conflict person and s/he is still trying to rule your life?
  • Want to have the best communication, anger management,  conflict management, & negotiation skills? 

Then, you likely know you need Relationship Help! It’s a strong, wise move to get it right away.

Let’s find solutions and resolutions together now!  I can help.

 Relationship Help  
Mediation • Negotiation • Facilitation • Counseling
Anger Management • Parenting Skills • Separation & Divorce
Speaking • Consulting • Training


Young girl trying to block out the sound of her parents arguingRelationship Help for High-Conflict Relationships and High-Conflict Divorce

No one is born knowing how to communicate effectively, manage conflict, lead a team, or run a business. These things are learned. I know, I had to learn them. And, many were learned the hard—and, often expensive—way.

That is why I offer you the benefit of my experience and expertise: to save you time, money, frustration, anxiety and waste.

I will help you claim value and create value in your relationships, mediation & negotiation. 


Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, Director
The Optimize Center
Serving Escondido & all of San Diego County
AND Skype audio/video sessions from wherever you are.

It really helps to have someone in your corner who has been there. Trained as a psychologist and professional mediation working in both Canada and the US,  I’ve walked with thousands of folks through difficult situations, circumstances, relationships and business problems. Knowing you have someone who can:

  • give you insights when you are too close to an issue
  • offer the right skills & strategies
  • get you out of the tempting parking places of familiarity
  • help you off the “round-abouts” of relationships
  • retrieve you from the unexpected detours of life and business

is a sane, wise move. It has definitely worked for me and I know it will work for you, too.

Having an outside perspective is very helpful, whether you are thinking about your life or your business. We all have blindspots and that’s why we need help.

When we need conflict resolution or, at least, conflict management, the most effective step is to invite a professional to help. This both clarifies and shortens the pain, the difficulties and the uncertainties. Those are all high-cost items that take time, energy and momentum away from your business goals. No one can afford that!



    - Distractions, detours & tempting parking places get priority instead of direct success solutions for your life & work

    - You are ready to experience practical alignment of your vision, values, beliefs & purpose to create the life, love & livelihood that fulfills you


    - Your team is spends more time engaging in or resolving conflict than collaborating to improve your ROI

    - You have a difficult employee, or are experiencing repeated conflict with a colleague, particularly in the executive suite


    - You know it could be better – even if it’s already great – by improving communication & understanding, and learning to solve your challenges as a team…

    - You, or someone in your family, has anger issues that can no longer go unchecked and unchanged

Stop the pain. Stop the waste.  I can help.

I work with individuals, couples, leaders and organizations to get to the heart of communication, conflict and collaboration successfully…within themselves and with others at home & work.

Dr. Shaler speaking in Bangkok

Invite Dr. Shaler to share her insights at your next conference, meeting or retreat if you are looking for a motivating, content-rich speaker with solutions for getting to the heart.

Contact her at
The Optimize Center


What is important is simple:
Know what you value and invest your time accordingly.
This is integrity.
And, it will bring you peace.

- Rhoberta Shaler


Dr. Shaler is the founder of Sow Peace® International and the Optimize Center & Optimize Institute,

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler,is The Relationship Help Doctor, a relationship catalyst working with individuals, couples, entrepreneurs,& executives and their staffs 
to create solutions for communication, conflict & collaboration.

Author of nine books and many audio programs, Dr. Shaler is a keynote and seminar speaker bringing insights, information and inspiration to conference, meeting & retreat audiences ready to reduce the fear, frenzy, frustration, and friction of life and relationships, at home, at work and internally. She was honored as “Outstanding Business Women of Southern California” in 2004 by the American Business Women’s Association

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